“Re” is a prefix and means, again and again, to be repetitious. Basically, you had something and you lost it. In the world, we relate words that start with “re” being negative. Who wants to do something over and over again? I know I don’t. As you build your relationship with Christ, you will understand to be “re”-born again is a good thing, to be “re”store is a good thing. God thought enough of you to give you another chance.


REBUILD  – to build something again after it has been destroyed or damaged. To repair. To fix or mend together again.

We focus on rebuilding the walls of your life that have been broken and damaged and caused you to lose your Self Confidence and Self Worth. Rebuilding the walls creates a barrier for the enemy.


REINFORCE – to strengthen, support with additional help, encourage or give support

God has already given you the weapons to stand against different attacks from the enemy. We educate you by identifying those weapons, how to use them and when to use them.


RESTORE – to bring back, reinstate, to receive more than what was originally lost, to be in a better state than the original condition.

Learn to restore your faith, trust, and love in both yourself and God. Developing an intimate relationship with God through meditation, fasting, and prayer will allow you to restore the love for yourself and your trust in others.