Become the Strong, Bold, Courageous and Fearless Woman God created you to be!

Join our Army of women who are becoming survivors of their past circumstances instead of victims. Women Armed to Rebuild, Reinforce and Restore purpose is to arm (educate) women with the weapons (resources) needed to fight the war that’s attacking their minds and keeping them from seeking their God-given purpose.

God has already given each of us the armor to fight off the schemes of the enemy. He has equipped us to be warriors. Because of misfortunes in our lives, the enemy has slowly dismantled our armor. We all have been through a phase or two or three in our lives that took us off course. Abusive relationships such as; physical, sexual, emotional and mental, life-threatening illnesses, career setbacks, depression, single motherhood, early motherhood, financial hardships, the death of loved ones, disobedient children and unfaithfulness are all situations that can contribute to losing your self-confidence and self-worth. When those situations attack us we feel like the Israelites when they are taunted daily by the Warrior in the Philistine’s army (Goliath). I Samuel 17. They felt helpless. They saw this big giant that approached them and they feared him and thought they could never beat him. So they stayed terrified for forty days. They were not able to see past what was right in front of them. Just like the Israelites when we are going through we are not able to see past what’s in front of our face. Sometimes that “thing” isn’t a person place or thing. It could be an emotion that we are hiding behind.

WAR3 teaches the importance of using the armor God has already given us. In Ephesians 6:10, the Bible says, to put on the full armor of God so we can stand against the wild schemes of the enemy. Each piece of the armor protects has a significant meaning. He gives us a shield to protect sensitive parts of our lives, a helmet to our minds, a breast place to protect our hearts, a belt to hold together all the mess we have weighing us down, a sword that can be used to kill the enemy and the shoes to keep us standing firm and flat footed as we walk through this cold world. The story from I Samuel 17 describes the man who killed Goliath as a young small boy who confronted the giant with only a couple of rocks. His name was David.

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His faith in God was greater than the situation that was in front of him. Because of his faith, the power of God allowed him to throw one rock at Goliath which took him down. He freed an entire nation just by believing God would fight the battle for him.

Just like David freed the entire nation, think about what you could do for your family and generations that come after you. In some cases, you can change the generations before you. So if you are feeling like the Israelites; frighten, fearful and thinking that your battle is too hard for your to win; feeling like you want to throw in the towel; join our Army. Through seminars, conferences, workbooks, and courses we provide tools and resources to help you Discover, Activate and Operate in their God-given gifts and talents. We’ll keep you connected to other survivors, give you inspiration and even listen.

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