Mind over Money is the ultimate budgeting planner. It’s a 12 month financial Vision planner. Its goes well beyond setting up a monthly budget. If you are wanting to manage you finances better, save more money, pay off bills and define money goals this is the planner for you. Join hundreds of other women who have already created a new wealth mindset, slaying their debt month after month and creating a long term legacy for generations to come. Make a commitment to go “from Broke to Blessed!”

For years I struggled with finding the right planner. If I loved one worksheet, I hated the other five. So I created my own set of worksheets to help my family reduce our monthly debt substantially, raise our credit scores, save more money and eliminate unnecessary spending. What I love most about the planner is that it isn’t preset for January through December. It comes with separate preprinted monthly tabs so you can start whenever you wish. The planner just isn’t filled with worksheets but it has useful financial information, tips and motivational quotes throughout the pages.


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