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So you haven’t heard my full financial story….where I was foolishly thinking I was Miss Independent but found out I was actually Miss Bye Felicia (the crackhead from the hit movie Friday)!! Or maybe you may need a financial mindset makeover to help you get rid of the old generational thinking of how you work, make money and spend money. We can even take this a step further, you may simply need strategy, organization and planning tools. Which ever it may be, we have created the Ultimate M.o.M Bundle for you! The Guide which includes my story of how I was able to overcome being broke and broken as well as mindset motivation and strategies, financial vision building and more. The Planner is a 12 month financial tool filled with worksheets to help you set goals, organize your annual and monthly finances as well as keep track of your spending.

ITS ALL HERE with the M.o.M Planner and Guide Bundle.

  We’ve created this bundle for you at a discounted rate. Save $5.00 when you order the Planner and the Guide together.


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