Mind Over Money Ultimate Financial Planner

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Create strategic SMART vision for your finances that’s so clear your children’s children will be able to see it.

This planner will help you:

REBUILD a wealth mindset. Understanding the definition of wealth

REINFORCE spending & savings habits. Develop an Action Plan

RESTORE financial stability. Identify where you currently are and vision where you want to be.


The Ultimate 12-Month Financial Planner is the perfect match to the Mind over Money Guide. It will help you get your finances together once and for all. The planner is full of useful worksheets for you to start planning your finances. Our vision worksheets to create a vision for your finances over the next twelve months. You can also set up strategic annual and monthly goals to pay down debt, save more money and simply organize your finances better.

This planner is definitely a game changer for many household. Its not just a planner of budgeting worksheets but it offers strategies to create a vision for your finances. You will be able to start managing your money better, think differently about your current and future financial status so you can start to live the prosperous life God wanted you to live.

The planner gives you the ability to:
1. Track your finances
2. Budget monthly
3. Pay your bills on time
4. Pay down your debt
5. Create annual goals

**If you haven’t already, don’t forget to pick up the Mind over Money, get your finances together guide. I share my story of going from Broke to Blessed.**

160 color pages (back and front)

Monthly Tabs
Separate Pre-printed monthly labels (Start budgeting when you’re ready)
Simple & Straight forward Budgeting Tips
Mind over Money wealthy mindset
12 Month Vision Creator
Savings & Debt Reduction Worksheets
Monthly “Notes to Self” pages for journaling
Detailed Instructions for each worksheet
Monthly Tips & Motivational Quotes
Annual Summary Worksheet
Payment Center to store your bill pay information

Debt Snowball Worksheet
Debt Payoff Plan
Savings Tracker
Blank Monthly Calendar
Monthly Budget
Monthly Goals
Monthly Bill Pay Checklist
Annual Review

Size: 9×12

Please allow 7-10 days to ship from order date.

Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions .5 × 9 × 12 in


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